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Moisturize, Clean & Pamper Your Skin with Amish Farms Handmade Bar Soap Bulk Set!


Individually wrapped 36 natural bars, homemade in USA, hand-cut, cold-process, old-fashioned vegan soap with wildflower scent


At Amish Farms, we wanted to bring you handmade soaps that were gentle on the skin, offered a silky-smooth lather, and delivered deep moisturization to the skin for a soft and fresh look – so we did!


We use a carefully balanced blend of clean and pure ingredients that work synergistically to help clean, protect, and hydrate the skin every day without drying it out as well as being suitable for both the face and body.


Vegan Formula & Plant Based Ingredients – Just The Right For The Whole Family!

Our handmade soap bars are all vegan friendly and contain no harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients so you can easily make them a part of your day to day routine with peace of mind.


Each pack comes with 36 bars of handmade soap in 3 different colors that are made without any animal by-products to complement most lifestyles while helping keep skin moisturized, hydrated, and supple.


Features You’ll Love:

- Suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin for daily use

- Our scented bath soaps leave behind a subtle and refreshing scent

- Makes the ideal gift for men and women on any occasion or event

- Can be used as a bath soap, face soap, body soap, shaving soap, and more

- Cold-pressed and contains no gluten, parabens, dyes, or harsh materials


Support Clean, Smooth & Supple Skin With Amish Farms Handmade Moisturizing Soap Bars Bulk!

36 Individually Wrapped Bars - Random Colors

  • Our homemade soap bulk set is made with carefully chosen ingredients that help soothe and moisturize the skin, create a silky-smooth lather, and deliver gentle yet deep cleaning to provide just the right fit for day to day use

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