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Our Story

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Amish Farm Soap Frehs Cut in Boxes

The Amish Farms Soap company was created in 2005 thanks to an old Amish secret family recipe handed down for generations.  This recipe ended up being the kick-starter for all that was to come for the Amish Farms Soap brand.  We started off originally creating handcrafted soaps using this secret recipe that had been slightly improved to perfection over the years.  We removed the original animal fats/tallow and lye in the formula, and replaced them with vegan and natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals.  Since we have a passion for quality and natural ingredients we proudly won ‘Made in America Best Product Award’ in November 2020 at the nation’s oldest and most beloved trade show, Smoky Mountain Gift Show.


With all the positive feedback our Amish Farms Soap bars have received over the last decade, in 2022 we decided to expand our brand into many other facets of beauty and wellness such as our bath bombs and organic soaps, as seen in our Signature Collection.  As we diversify the Amish Farms Soap brand, we still have our Original Amish Farms Soap bars for sale.  We couldn’t be the Amish Farms Soap company without honoring where we came from and, honestly between you and I, it’s really good soap.  We have become a family favorite and household name over the years thanks to our Original Amish Farms Soap, as well as our commitment to quality, consistency, natural ingredients, and our dedication to making products that last and won’t break your bank.  We are now exclusively distributed by Willow Mountain Distributors, and thank you for joining us on this journey!


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