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The Original Amish Farms Soap Collection

Our Award-Winning Original Amish Farms Soap products have been a family favorite since 2005! Our products are perfect for all skin conditions and skin types by gently, but effectively, cleansing your skin all while leaving you silky smooth, soft, and smelling fantastic. They were the proud winner of the Made in America Best Product Award in November 2020 at the nation's oldest and most beloved trade show, Smoky Mountain Gift Show.



The handcrafted soaps are carefully prepared using an old Amish family secret recipe handed down for generations that has been slightly improved to perfection over the years. Taken out were the original animal fats/tallow in the formula, and they were replaced with vegan cruelty free ingredients.

5 Bar Bags

6 Bar Boxes

Amish Farms Soap Speciality Bars

5 Bar Bag Bundles

6 Bar Box Bundles

Amish Farms Soap Bulk

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We are so convinced you will love our products we happily provide full Lifetime Satisfaction warranties and customer service for the products sold on our website and through our Authorized Dealers


The only authorized dealer for Amish Farms on Amazon USA is AAA Home Basics. Any products sold by unauthorized resellers will not be covered by our lifetime warranty.

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