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We think you are going to love our products, but do not just take our word for it! Take a look at what others have said about our amazing products and decide for yourself!


"I love this soap and have switched over from 50 years of Dove!"

- Dibet Hotchkin


"I ordered the soap - love it! Soft silky skin without that heavy feeling and dry flaking. I washed my hair with it today, and it hasn't been this clean in a long time. Plus the shine without drying it out!"

- Sandra Barrett

"This is by far the "best" soap ever. Good for hands, bath, showers, and even use it to wash my hair. Thank you I am so satisfied."

- Patricia Thomas Streeter

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"Best soap ever!! Love it so much. It has really helped my skin a lot. I've had eczema for years and this is the only soap that not only doesn't irritate it, but seems to improve it. Great stuff!"

- Dena Canfield

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Cactus on Yellow Wall

Instagram cooking celebrity and influencer Brenda Gantt shares her thoughts and experience with Amish Farms Soap!

"I just received the 55 bar box. It is the best soap I have ever used! I love the lather the smell, and how it helped my dry skin. It's so good.

- Jennifer Flesburg

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"Amish Farms Soap is easily the best soap I have ever used. I have such sensitive skin, most soaps leave my skin itchy and uncomfortable. Not with this gentle soap."

- Linda Burgess Underwood

"I love my Amish Farms Soap! I use it on my face, shower with it, and wash my hair with it! It has such a delicate and calming fragrance for my super sensitive skin! I've finally found a product that makes my skin feel so good and is reasonably priced!"

- Marilyn Branson

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I love it helps with my rosacea and I bought it for some granddaughter in laws for their face to save them from zits and bad complexion and their faces has cleared up. Made a believer out of them."

- Alice Nanna Miller

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We would love to hear your thoughts on our products! Feel free to send us an email or tag us on social media!

Thank you for choosing Amish Farms!

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