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Thank you for your interest in joining our Wholesale Family!
As a family favorite, and well-recognized household name, adding Amish Farm Soap to your shelves will make it a guaranteed best seller. We are grateful to collaborate with many amazing businesses! We have grown and  now have (2) different ways you can go about wholesaling Amish Farm Soap!

First, you can work directly with us at Willow Mountain Distributors!
All products are FOB Brewton, Alabama and must be accompanied with your states
tax-exempt license/certificate.  Secondly, you can place an order through Faire!  Which is an online wholesale marketplace we have partnered with.

By shopping wholesale through Faire you
may qualify for:
-Free shipping for (1) year
-Net 60-day terms
-Smaller case sizing to fit your needs

To access our store our Faire please click HERE

We ship all over the United States and work with many different formats

We can service:
-Distribution Centers
-Chain Stores
-Small Mom & Pop Shops
-Farmers Markets
-Specialty Stores
-Grocery Stores
-and more!

Our product list is always ever expanding and we constantly add new products to our website.  We can ship our products in either case, pallet, or truckload depending on how we can best service your needs!

If you are interested in shopping wholesale directly through Willow Mountain Distributors then please send us an email to see our wholesale price list, receive more information, or so we can answer any questions you may have regarding wholesaling.  We can't wait to hear from you and are very excited at the prospect of working together!

Email Steve for more Wholesale information at



Attempts to resell our goods on Amazon violates federal trademark law and other state laws and will be liable for tortious interference with a contract due to purchase of Amish Farms branded products for the purpose of resale on Amazon

Amish Farms only provide full Lifetime Satisfaction warranties and customer service to our products sold by our online Authorized Dealers. Our products sold by unauthorized resellers will not be covered and are considered materially different.



Please be advised that selling our products on Amazon is strictly prohibited. So please be aware of knockoffs!


The only authorized dealer on Amazon selling authentic Amish Farm Soap products is AAA Home Basics. Any products sold by unauthorized resellers will not be covered under our lifetime warranty

Authentic 6 bar box comparison website.png
Skincare Model

It is important that you are purchasing authentic Amish Farm Soap.  Unfortunately they are many people out there that will make knock-offs and sell them.  This means they can be tampered with, and also do not come with our satisfaction guarantee.  It can be hard to spot what is fake and what is real.  So refer to this image on the left to make sure you are purchasing or selling authentic Amish Farm Soap!

Please click here for our Online Selling Policy

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