Amish Farm Soap, an all natural, longtime family favorite! Creamy, luxurious, and all purpose. Use this soap on your face, hair, body, clothes or hands! You won't find another bar like Amish Farm Soap.  With purchase you get 5 HUGE 5 ounce bars.


  • 🧼 AWARD-WINNING; NO FRILLS, MOISTURIZING SOAP BAR - Experience the healing silky-smooth lather our soothing bar gives to your skin. Our calming blend of improved generations old Amish family recipe are gentle enough for problematic, sensitive skin types. Vegan - gluten free - cruelty free soap! No soap scum! No paraben - No sulfate - No phthalate! Winner of the Made in America Best Product Award at the nation's most beloved Smoky Mountain Gift Show
  • 🛁 SOAP FOR THE WHOLE HOUSEHOLD - Cleanse the old-fashioned way with the rich, therapeutic lather of our cold-processed bath soap with light Wildflower Scent. Gentle enough as a face bar or body bar, silky enough to be use as a shaving cream, and creamy enough as a shampoo bar or even bathing your pets. Perfect for normal to dry skin and great value
  • 🌿 HYDRATING AND NOURISHING, THE AMISH WAY - Handcrafted using turn-of-the-century equipment, our generations-old Amish family recipe has been improved to perfection over the years. Taken out were the original animal by-products and lye in the formula and were replaced with vegan, natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals. Even the dyes used are natural and corn starch based
  • 🎁 SAFE TO USE, PERFECT FOR GIFTS - This bar soap contains no carcinogens nor harsh chemicals, truly gentle on sensitive skin and non-irritating. It forms a rich silky lather which softens and moisturizes dry skin. It also rates well on EWG Skin Deep. Great gift idea for soap collectors, gifts for women, gifts for men or kids, history buffs or anyone who loves to suds it up



Proudly Made in America

Looking for a good all around plain soap that is gentle for sensitive skin, moisturizing but creamy enough you can use it for shaving, washing hair or for shampooing your pets? A soap that is hand-made in the USA with natural, vegan ingredients and no harsh chemicals?


Our Amish Farms Original Bar Soap gently but effectively cleanses your skin leaving it silky smooth, soft and smelling fantastic! It completely washes away dirt and even odors like garlic from your hands! Now your entire household can wash up with one simple product. Perfect for all skin conditions and skin types! Great Value!



  • Face, Body Bath Bar
  • For Shaving
  • Hair Shampoo Bar
  • Pet Shampoo
  • Laundry Bar
  • Washes Away Dirt & Smells Like a Pro


Improved Vegan Formula!

No Tallow/Animal By-Products & Lye

Amish Farms want the soaps to be all-vegan, cruelty-free and no harsh chemicals in its ingredients. Since 2019, all the soaps do not contain animal by-products and do not contain any tallow. Our handcrafted soaps are now vegan, cruelty free with natural ingredients. Even the dyes/colorants used for the soaps are natural and corn starched based, same ingredients used for the Color Fun Runs. Perfect and gentle for sensitive skin!


  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Allergen-Free
  • Dyes used are natural and corn starch based
  • Cold-Processed



Besides cleansing your skin, use as hair shampoo, shaving cream and washing your pets you can even use the bar soap to hand wash your dishes and your laundry! It totally removes dirt and smells from your hands and even organic type of stains on your clothes!



The Award-Winning Amish Farms aka Amish Farm Soap has been a family favorite since 2005, proudly made in South Dakota, USA and winner of the Made in America Best Product Award on November 2020 at the nation's oldest and most beloved trade show, Smoky Mountain Gift Show. The handcrafted soaps are carefully prepared using an old Amish family secret recipe handed down for generations that’s been slightly improved to perfection over the years. Taken out were the original animal fats/tallow and lye in the formula and were replaced with vegan and natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals. Using wooden equipment, the soaps go through a cold process that keeps the natural oils intact. They are then cured for over a month before they’re cut and sent to our customers in beautiful boxes.

Purchasing our soaps allows you to support our advocacies. Amish Farms Soap is proud to partner with the Dexter Jorgensen Foundation. Our mission is to supply bars of soap to every child and family in need to order to provide the proper hygiene. With your help, we can achieve this goal and save lives together.


For more info about our mission: click here for our Dexter Jorgensen Foundation


Committed To Quality & Safety. Committed To You.

PREMIUM QUALITY CONTROL. GUARANTEED - Nothing is more precious than your safety and satisfaction! Amish Farms is listening to you and have taken extensive measures to improve our facility with rigorous visual inspections to our hand-crafted soaps. This 2021, we also invested on an x-ray precision-engineered machine to detect any contaminants with outstanding accuracy and precision to give you the greatest level of confidence to our products!


INGREDIENTS: Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate; Lauric Acid & Stearic Acid (Plant derived natural fatty acids); Distilled Water (Aqua); Bentonite Clay; Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil; Sodium Chloride (Salt); Tetrasodium Etidronate (Vegan, much safer than EDTA, widely used to stabilize color and texture in soaps & shampoos); Sodium Stearate (vegetable-based); Wildflower Scent; Zea Mays (Corn) Starch

UPC BARCODE: 860467001510


5 Bar Bag (In Random Colors)

  • Our soaps come with an Amish Farms hassle-free Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and friendly customer service! Send us a message anytime and our friendly team members will be more than happy to quickly resolve any issue. Plus, a portion of sales goes to orphanages, retirement homes, and disaster relief