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Online Selling Policy

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Resellers, selling Amish Farms products online must comply with the Online Selling Policy. The Online Selling Policy is independent of and separate from any agreement or understanding between Reseller and Amish Farms on any matter. Amish Farms reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any Reseller without liability in the event of a violation of the Online Selling Policy. Amish Farms will unilaterally enforce this policy, strictly and uniformly, with respect to all resellers.

Amish Farms reserves the right to review all methods of Resellers online sales not covered in the below Online Selling Policy. The Online Selling Policy will be updated to address these other online selling methods as they arise.


Reseller-Owned Website

Resellers ARE permitted to sell Amish Farms products online through their own reseller owned website.

Only the following authorized dealers below on Amazon are selling authentic Amish Farms aka Amish Farm Soap products:



6 Bar Box, Sage Soap: AAA Home Basics

Please beware of knock-offs and only buy from our authorized dealers! We will not honor warranties from other unauthorized Amazon sellers. 

Resellers ARE NOT permitted to list and sell the Amish Farms 6 Bar Box Soap (with UPC Barcode of: 000636895971,) the Amish Farms White Prairie Sage Soap (with UPC Barcode of 1-Pack: 0860000773102 and UPC Barcode of 4-Pack: 0860467001596) and the Amish Farms 5-bar bag (5 original bars of soap in 1 bag) online through Amazon Marketplace online platform,, or any other related Amazon websites.

If a reseller violates this policy at any Amazon Marketplace online platform,, or any other related Amazon websites, then Amish Farms will consider this to be a violation of this Online Selling policy by the reseller.

Amish Farms reserves the right to cancel any pending orders, restrict future orders, or suspend a reseller's account if Amish Farms reasonably believes:
(i) a reseller has violated the provisions of the Online Selling policy; or
(ii) a reseller intends to violate the Online Selling policy.
The Online Selling Policy will be enforced by Amish Farms in its sole discretion and without notice. Resellers have no right to enforce the Online Selling policy. Violations of the Online Selling policy may result in any of the aforementioned sanctions up to and including termination of our business relationship, as well as any available remedies at law.

Amish Farms only provide full Lifetime Satisfaction warranties and customer service to our products sold by our online Authorized Dealers. Our products sold by unauthorized resellers will not be covered and are considered materially different. Attempts to resell our goods on Amazon violates federal trademark law and other state laws and will be liable for tortious interference with a contract due to purchase of Amish Farms branded products for the purpose of resale on Amazon.



No Reseller may disclose to any person any of the terms or conditions of this Online Selling Policy in effect, from time to time, for any Amish Farms product.

Resellers must not communicate with Amish Farms about the activities of any other Reseller. Amish Farms will not respond to any questions or comments from one Reseller about the activities of any other Reseller.

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