Are you looking for great all around soap that is hand-made in the USA with natural, vegan ingredients and no harsh chemicals? That is not only gentle for sensitive skin, but moisturizing and creamy enough that you can use it for shaving, washing hair, or even shampooing your pet?

L O O K   N O  F U R T H E R !

Our Award-Winning original Amish Farms Soap products have been a family favorite since 2005! Our products are perfect for all skin conditions and skin types by gently, but effectively, cleansing your skin all while leaving you silky smooth, soft, and smelling fantastic. Our products are gentle but powerful, and can completely wash away dirt and even odors like garlic from your hands! They were the proud winner of the Made in America Best Product Award in November 2020 at the nation's oldest and most beloved trade show, Smoky Mountain Gift Show.

The handcrafted soaps are carefully prepared using an old Amish family secret recipe handed down for generations that’s been slightly improved to perfection over the years. Taken out were the original animal fats/tallow and lye in the formula, and were replaced with vegan and natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals. Using wooden equipment, the soaps go through a cold process that keeps the natural oils intact. They are then cured for over a month before they’re cut and shipped out to our wonderful customers!

We are happy to be continuing to expand our product line beyond our all-in-one bar which now includes pet soap, hemp soap, and man soap for hardworking hands!