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Loyalty Rewards Program

We are excited to announce our Loyalty Rewards Program, Amish Farms Perks!

This is a rewards program we have set up to offer our loyal members discounts up to 50% off!


Once you register as an Amish Farms Soap member you will start to receive points for your purchases. So every $1 you spend is the equivalent to 5 points, but excludes the shipping cost. What this means is that if you spent $10 on soap (not including shipping) you would receive 50 points. As time goes on you will accumulate more points that can be redeemed for a percentage off your next purchase


Loyalty Rewards discounts are as follows ::

500 points ($100 spent) = 10% off

1000 points ($200 spent) = 20% off

1500 points ($300 spent) = 30% off

2000 points ($400 spent) = 50% off

Branch of Flowers


If you have purchased something with us already and have an email address and password set up then SKIP step 1 because you already have a membership

STEP 1- When you go to check out on the cart page it’ll ask if you’d like to LOG IN, and you want to click that to SIGN UP using your email to create a login and password. Then once you create one you’ll have a membership account with us! Then from there just make sure you are always logged in whenever you purchase and your points will accrue!


STEP 2- To activate your rewards account go to the homepage of our website, and you will see a crown with the words REWARDS in the bottom left hand corner. Click that and it’ll open to AMISH FARM PERKS! 


Type in your member email address and click sign in.  It'll immediately send you a one time email confirming access to your rewards account.  Click the link in the email that says 'Show me my reward' to activate it, and upon activation you will be brought back to our homepage! Click the crown on the bottom left hand screen again and it'll show you your Amish Farm Perks rewards account 


From there you'll be all set and ready to shop to gain points! You only have to go through these steps once.  So once you've done this, from here on out you'll be able to visit our website and view your points.

Always remember when you are checking out to log in under your email so the points get attached to your account!

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