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  • What are the products made from?
    Our Original Amish Farms Soap Collection is made using an old Amish family recipe that was passed down. We removed the tallow, and these bars are now vegan! Our Signature Collection is handcrafted in the USA using organic ingredients in small batches.
  • Can anyone use these bars?
    Yes! These bars are gender neutral, and great for the whole family.
  • Do the bars expire?
    Our bars expire.....
  • Are you Amish?
    No, we ourselves are not Amish. We are a family run business based here in the USA and the recipe was passed down from Amish farmers. That is where we get our name - Amish Farms Soap - from.
  • What's the most popular item(s) you sell?
    Our customer favorite is definitely the 5 Bar Bag of our Original Amish Farms Soap Collection. It comes in random colors or all white bars, plus either wildflower scent or fragrance free for those who are sensitive to scent. It is the flagship product, and definitely our most sold item. Our Signature Collection is an artisan style soap, and our customer favorites are definitely the 'Into the Blue', 'Orange Blossom', and 'Forest Rain' scented soap.
  • Can I purchase over the phone or check/money order?
    Unfortunately we are an online company so we do not accept checks or money orders. We are also not set up to take over the phone orders at this time.
  • How do I know when my purchase will be arriving?
    Once your order has been shipped our system will automatically send an email with your tracking information to the email you provided at purchase. You can click that link provided and follow along to see where you items are.
  • What carrier do you use to ship?
    We ship our products through USPS.
  • Can I get free shipping?
    All orders over $60 (before tax & after discounts) will receive FREE shipping. This means that your order must be $60 not including the tax, and when any discounts that are applied the order must be over $60.
  • What do I do if I wrote my shipping address in wrong?
    Once your order has been processed our system creates a shipping label for it using the information you provided. We do it this way so we can never mess up the address due to our own human error. This means that you have a very small window to let us know you typed something in wrong where we have access to go into the system and edit the shipping label for you. Once the product has been shipped out though there is nothing we can do about it. It is now in the hands of USPS, and we will not refund or send you new product if you tell us after the item has been shipped out that you incorrectly typed in your shipping information. We apologize for this inconvenience and suggest you double check everything is accurate before finalizing your order.
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