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Our mission is to supply bars of soap to every child and family in need to help provide them with proper hygiene!


We have partnered with many organizations over the years, including our own Dexter Jorgensen Foundation, giving soap to orphanages, retirement homes, and to disaster relief. We even partnered with the 4H and Humane Society, and have donated countless bars of soap to these in need all around the world! By purchasing our soap, or simply donating, allows you to support our advocacies and help us achieve this goal of saving lives together!

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Dexter Jorgensen Foundation



In the late 2000's Dexter Jorgensen founded Amish Farm Soap featuring handmade, hand cut massive bars of soap at extremely budget-friendly prices. It wasn't long before the company took off!


Within a few years Amish Farms could be found in any corner of the United States! Dexter took this opportunity and combined his company with his love of philanthropy.He started donating soap, canned goods, and toys to an orphanage in Mexico. This then branched into several orphanages, elderly homes, and even internationally!


After selling his Amish Farm Soap company, more than a decade ago, Dexter has continued with Soap for Souls, and donates regularly to several states in the U.S.A.

Dexter Jorgensen Foundation

Let's make a difference in the world!
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