Multicolored Amish Farm Soap 6+oz bars, now individually wrapped for your convenience! 


Each bar is shrink wrapped with front and back labels, bar code and ingredient list. 



36 BARS IN 3 RANDOM COLORS (in no particular order) for only $60.00 +FREE SHIPPING! 


Great for impulse buys, gifts or donations. 



36 Individually Wrapped Bars (In 3 Random Colors)

  • Our soaps come with an Amish Farms hassle-free Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and friendly customer service! Send us a message anytime and our friendly team members will be more than happy to quickly resolve any issue. Plus, a portion of sales goes to orphanages, retirement homes, and disaster relief

  • Since our soaps are all-natural, hand-cut in nature and handmade with love, you will get 3 random colors in no particular order and size may vary as shown in the picture.

    Weight may vary from 5 to 7 ounces per bar as they are made by batches in South Dakota, USA. We do not add preservatives and additives that are usually added by big companies to make their bars look perfect. All-natural, all hand-cut. All pure soap just for you!